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I bet you are busting out of your skin to try your itti nappy out…but…don’t! Well not yet anyway… We recommended you prewash your new nappies at least once prior to use, to remove any traces of manufacturing residues. Some customers like to soak their new nappies in plain cold water overnight before the first … Read more

If your itti’s are brand new click here for washing instructions for first use. We recommend washing your nappies at least every second day. Washing regularly helps to prevent bacteria from building up, mould from developing and fabric from deteriorating. – Do not use bleach – Do not use soakers – Do not use Napisan … Read more

Strip washing is done from time to time to deep clean your nappies, or of you have been using a detergent that irritates your babies skin or when your nappies are 6 – 8 months old as detergents tend to build up over time, or for leaking, crunchy or smelly nappies. Strip washing should be done … Read more

At some stage, no matter what you do… you are going to change your itti’s nappy, and gasp… and…eeeeek!!! Nappy Rash!! Nappy rash is a common skin inflammation, and can happen no matter how frequently you change, or how careful you are. There are plenty of myths out there that cloth nappies can cause nappy … Read more

To wash your nappies, we recommend dry-pailing: simply remove any solids and place the nappy into a bucket or wetbag until you have enough for a load. You can rinse your nappies, then place wet in the nappy bucket if you prefer. There is no need to soak or use bleach/sanitising products, as they can … Read more

itti bitti nappies are very very trim and look so small that you may even think you have been sent the wrong size. Never fear, when you try the nappy on you will see that looks are deceiving and it should be a great fit. itti bitti nappies have a low rise to fit well … Read more