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Nappy Accessories

itti have all of your Cloth Nappy Accessories – Inserts, Liners, Soakers. Our soakers are interchangeable so you can use any set with any of our nappies. We do recommend you use the Snap in soakers with a snap in shell and use the one size fits most with our one size fits most shell however we pride ourselves knowing that our soaker sets have the flexibility to be used in any shell giving you more freedom to find the best system that works for you and your baby.Extra Snap In One booster sets have two uses, if the nappy is just wet, not soiled, you can take out the wet boosters and snap in a new set, which makes for an economical option and a great space saver in the nappy bag. We also have available flushable nappy liners. Simply flush the liner and its contents as the┬áliners are biodegradable making them environmentally friendly and easy to use.

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