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Starter Packs

Cloth Nappy Starter Sets – Get Started with Cloth Nappy sets are a great way for parents to move away from disposable options into cloth nappies. Itti’s starter packs saves you money on the cloth nappies you want. You can purchase All in one nappies, Snap in one nappies or One size fits most nappy packs. Our starter sets come with 6 plain colour nappy shells and with the choice of 6 Bamboo or microfibre soaker sets. Our sets are very flexible so you can have the perfect nappy for your baby. You get more value for money buying our nappies in packages. For more information on what nappy will suit you best please have a look on our nappy page and our FAQ’s.If you still want more information on choosing the right nappy for your baby’s needs please contact us.

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