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Itti’s Fluffy Trial Pack

itti's Fluffy Trial Pack

Itti’s Fluffy Trial Pack

$123.70 $85.00

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This extra special starter kit is the perfect way to get into cloth and show you how much cloth does indeed rock – especially as it will save you $19.75!


One Size Fits Most Nappy Shell: Plain Colours


Bare Essentials - Snap & Velcro Prints


All In One Nappy - Nappy Pack


Snap In One Nappy Shell: Plain Colours



Are you new to cloth nappies and not sure what nappy will suit you and your baby the best or do you have friends you would love to convert to cloth? Itti’s fluffy trial pack is the perfect pack to trial our minkee range.

This pack includes one of each of our minkee range and one Bare essential nappy. Our one size cloth nappies are the perfect way to go when you are starting out, as the size can be changed by adjusting at the front to fit from 3kg newborns up to 18kg toddlers. The All In One & Snap In Nappy are one of the slimmest, trimmest nappies on the market as they come in sizes Small, Medium and Large. The All In One is a one piece nappy as the soaker is sewn in, this makes it very easy for anyone to use and is popular with daycare and day trips. 

  • x 1 bitti tutto One Size fits most Nappy Shell – RRP $19.95
  • x 1 bitti tutto  Bamboo Soaker Set – RRP $14.95
  • x 1 bitti d’lish Snap In One Nappy Shell – RRP $16.95
  • x 1 bitti d’lish All In One Nappy – RRP $26.95
  • x 1 bitti d’lish Snap In Bamboo Soaker Set – RRP $14.95
  • x 1 Bare Essential (Snap or Velcro) PUL One Size Fits Most Pocket Nappy with Bamboo Booster – RRP $24.95
  • 1 x Ultimate Cloth Wipe -RRP $4.50
  • 1 x Bamboo Mini Booster Soaker – RRP $3.50

Best part is that you get $125.70 value for just $85, so you’ll save $40.70!!

Ideal to give as a gift for a new baby, or if you’re curious about trying cloth, this pack is the best way to do it.

Please note – itti ‘s fluffy trial pack is limited to one pack per customer only.

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