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Snap In One Hour Glass Soaker

ittiSnap In One Hour Glass Soaker

Snap In One Hour Glass Soaker


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Snap In One Hour Glass Soaker are the must have inserts specific for your nappy type. They are absorbent,  economical and environmentally friendly.

Snap In One Hour Glass Soaker is designed to be used with a trifold soaker. This Bamboo hour glass soaker is snapped in on top of a trifold soaker to get the best absorbency.

They come in two material types:

– Bamboo/Organic cotton – These soakers are super absorbent sets made from 70% bamboo/30% organic cotton.
– Quick Dry Silk Touch Microfibre –  Microfibre soaker pads are very quick drying, so perfect for winter or if you don’t have a drier.

And a range of sizes to fit your specific nappy needs:

– Small
– Medium
– Large

Bitti D’Lish Soaker

We recommend using a 2 piece set which comprises a suedecloth topped hourglass silk touch microfibre or bamboo booster with a trifold silk touch microfibre or bamboo booster – the absorbent part of the Snap In One’s. We are now selling our soakers separately to give even more flexibility with our nappies.

Extra Snap In One booster sets have two uses, if the nappy is just wet, not soiled, you can take out the wet boosters and snap in a new set, which makes for an economical option and a great space saver in the nappy bag. We do recommend airing the SIO ‘Shell’ between uses, just as you would a cover.

For fast turnaround in the laundry, extra booster sets are very handy. The SIO ‘shells’ dry much faster than the boosters, so if you have a spare set of boosters, you can have your nappy back on bub’s bum within a couple of hours of washing.

You will need 1-3 sets of soaker pads per nappy shell.


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