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Tuff Stuff Stain Remover Pack of 3


Tuff Stuff Stain Remover Pack of 3

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Tuff Stuff is nothing short of a miracle worker… It’s a saint on stains of all kinds!

LEMON EUCALYPTUS essential oil helps lift stubborn stains from any textile: Clothing, Carpet, Upholstery, Shoes etc. Spot clean areas large or small with ease. This ready-to-use netted soap with water-proof tag has reportedly lifted dirt, grease, oil, grass-stains, red wine, blood and even ink!

Simply moisten the stain and work the netted soap into a lather, then rinse. Not only will the item look as good as new, but will be smelling better than ever.

Try it on even the most stubborn stains – you’ll be stunned at the results!


and it is even completely vegan!

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