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Weighted Cot Blanket 2kg Hola

itti - weighted single blanket

Weighted Cot Blanket 2kg Hola


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Our Weighted Blankets are a quilted design filled non-toxic food grade plastic pellets. Our Single Bed Blankets are a generous 130×200.

If you or your children are restless sleepers then due to the gentle pressure applied to the body you will experience a feeling of calm and safety making your sleep a great experience. Wake up with a deep feeling of content and fulfillment.

They are also recommended by occupational therapists as an aid for people with autism, cerebral palsy, restless leg syndrome, dementia & anxiety issue’s just to name a few

Please speak to us about the best weights sizes and materials. Recommended formula to use for determining weight for your child is 10% of their weight, add 500g.

***Weighted blankets should not be used in the following situations:

• Respiratory distress
• Chronic obstructive/respiratory disorders
• Diabetes
• Problems with circulation
• Pregnancy

For Bamboo Weighted Blankets, see itti Comfort Care!

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