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Prepping your new itti bitti nappies

Ensure your nappies have been put through a wash cycle before using them on bub. Your fabrics will become more absorbent over their first few washes. You can either pre-wash your nappies once & change them more regularly until maximum absorbency (approx. 9 washes). Or you can soak your nappy soakers overnight and then put them through a wash cycle the next day, this way they are at their best absorbency.


Washing your itti bitti nappies

Flush any solids down the toilet
Give the nappy a quick rinse under the tap before than storing in a dry nappy bucket. Rinsing the nappy will dilute the urine to stop any potential acidic wee damaging the fabrics & also minimise staining & cut down on smell. We do not recommend leaving the soiled nappies for more than 2 days.
Once you are ready to wash your itti bitti nappies, run them through a pre-rinse cycle in your washing machine (Do not wash on more than 60 degrees), to get rid of any excess urine or soiling before the wash cycle.
After pre-rinsing, nappies can be put through a normal/long wash cycle (Do not wash on more than 60 degrees), with the amount of detergent recommended by the manufacturer. We recommend using enzyme free washing powder  or a PH Neutral detergent
Once your nappies are washed hang outside to dry, the sun will help bleach any stains. If you need to tumble dry we recommend only tumble drying the inserts on low as the dryer can damage your nappy shell elastics & waterproof layer over time. 


Rinse nappy straight after use, before dry paling

Cold or warm machine wash only, Do not wash on more than 60 degrees

Line dry or tumble dry on low

Do not use bleach or fabric softeners

We recommend using enzyme free washing powder  or a PH Neutral detergent

Do not iron

Do not dry clean

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