Recycle your cloth nappies when you are finished with them |

Finished with Nappies? Don’t Make them Landfill – Recycle!

Have your babies grown out of nappies? Wondering what to do with them now?

Here at itti, we find ways to reuse cloth nappies that have reached the end of their life with our local community. Nappy shells and Bamboo Soakers are able to be revived for all sorts of purposes! For example our local community garden loves our bamboo, we use the bamboo soakers in our gardens to help absorb and retain water – saving our precious water! Old nappy shells are able to be converted into menstrual pads and liners.

If you can’t reuse your nappies don’t throw them out! Please send your well loved cloth nappies to us at the following address:

itti bitti
1/8 Belford Place,
Cardiff NSW 2285

and if we cannot donate them to charity we will recycle them as best we can.

Recycle your cloth nappies when you are finished with them |

Brave Hearts Program

Over 1,000 Nappies Donated!

This year we had the opportunity to help contribute by donating cloth nappies to the BraveHearts Program, a charity based in Cambodia which supports orphaned children with special needs.

We are so incredibly proud to say in 2019 we have donated over 1,000 nappies to the BraveHearts Program!