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Bamboo Weighted Blanket With Sensory Minky Cover

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Trouble sleeping? Try our brand new Bamboo Weighted Blanket!

Weighted blankets are designed to help your body get some much needed rest. They have proven to be amazingly helpful to reduce stress or anxiety and studies have shown weighted blankets increase Serotonin and Melotonin levels! Our Bamboo Weighted Blanket maximizes relaxation and minimizes body movements enabling a deeper sleep! Weighted blankets have been proven to help with conditions such us Autism and ADHD, as the weight from the blanket allows the body to settle by providing that ‘hugged’ feeling.

Made of 100% bamboo fiber our Bamboo Weighted Blankets are filled with high-end glass beads which helps keep the blanket thin, safe and fully washable. 15cm gridded small stitching allows the blanket to evenly distribute weight providing that ‘hugged’ feeling. The 12 tie downs attached helps to secure the inner blanket to the cover ensuring the blanket stays in place!

They come in different weights and sizes and are designed for both adults and children.

These blankets are perfect for use all year round with the breathable minky fabric cover keeping the heat away in summer while providing warmth throughout winter.

Weighted Blankets 7 Layers

Included is both Inner Blanket and Sensory Minky Cover.

Available sizes are:

  • Medium – 104 x 152 cm  3kg (Throw)
  • Medium – 104 x 152cm  5kg (Throw)
  • Large – 152 x 203cm  7kg (Overhang Single / Queen Topper)
  • Large – 152 x 203cm – 9kg (Overhang Single / Queen Topper)
  • King – 203 x 221cm  9kg (Overhang Queen / King Topper)
  • King – 203 x 221cm – 11kg (Overhang Queen / King Topper)

When choosing your Weighted Blanket

The recommended formula when choosing a weighted blanket is 10% of your body weight! For example, a 5kg blanket is best suited for around 50kgs.

***Weighted blankets should not be used in the following situations:

• Respiratory distress
• Chronic obstructive/respiratory disorders
• Diabetes
• Problems with circulation
• Pregnancy

** Warning – Ensure user is able to remove the blanket off their body by themselves. **

Additional information

Weight N/A



King – 203 x 221cm, Large – 152 – 203 cm, Medium – 104 x 152cm


3kg, 5kg, 7kg, 9kg, 11kg

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